Vinyl floor polish
Vinyl floor sealing, vinyl floor scrubbing, Vinyl floor cleaning.
Are your vinyl floors looking dull, tired or worn out? We can help

Vinyl & linoleum floors needs to be polished. Polishing protects the vinyl and creates a lustre and a shean finish. This makes your job easier to maintain and clean regularly.

We only use top of the line sealers and polish from the USA.

  • Strip & relaying polish
  • Machine Buffing to prolong the shine
  • Regular maintenance programs to help your vinyl last and keep looking like new
  • Renovating, before removing your existing flooring talk to us, we may be able to eliminate the costly exercise of replacing your vinyl flooring, tile flooring or wood flooring

Tile Flooring

Tile floor polishing. Tile floor sealing. Tile floor cleaning.
Like Vinyl floors most tiles are porous and need to be sealed. This stops staining, discolouring and once sealed will be easier to maintain.

If your tiles don’t come with a factory shine they will need to be sealed.

Talk to us for advice or any questions.


Concrete floors

Concrete floor sealing. Concrete floor Painting. Concrete floor polishing.Concrete floor scrubbing.

Concrete floor cleaning.

Sealing of new concrete eliminates dust, we deep scrub and seal your concrete floors for a longer
lasting sheen or these can be painted.

Painting of concrete floors, we only use a 2 pack system which is extremely hard wearing.

There are a number of colours available.

Older existing concrete, we can scrub and seal